Your website shouldn’t demolish your cash flow

Most sales at Gym Lead Machine are easy; plain and simple: our websites are great. Our prospects come to us with a good knowledge of what we do already, and it’s exactly what they need. But a few prospects come to the call with no knowledge of what we do – that’s normal. What’s not normal is expecting to pay $3-4k for a website that does absolutely nothing but demolish your cash flow.

Your website shouldn’t be a massive upfront cost that just sits there. Your website is not a “brochure” or billboard. Those are liabilities with no measurable ROI. Your website should be a living thing that works for you, and your website company should be your partner. Your website company should also understand the industry you are in and what drives prospects to click and leave their contact information.

Old way:

  • Pay 3-4k for a website
  • Go back and forth for 6 weeks with a developer (who is not a designer) to try and get them to put your vision on Elementor boxes on WordPress
  • Giving up and saying “good enough” because they cannot interpret what you are saying through email
  • Launch the site
  • Discover that your contact forms don’t work
  • Spend another 6 weeks combing through your website to find other bugs
  • Once complete, you are not getting nearly as much action through the site as you thought
  • Pay $200-300/ month for your website to just sit there
  • Anytime you want changes made, you either have to wait weeks to get it done or do it yourself and end up breaking something
  • Cry

**This was my experience when I opened my gym and commissioned my first website.

The Gym Lead Machine way:

  • No setup fee
  • Fill out a questionnaire and pick a template that fits your style
  • Sit back and have confidence that your website is being built with principles that have been tested on 1000’s of gyms and by a company that former gym owners run
  • Have a site ready to view in 5-7 business days
  • Get on a call with a kind human to review and customize the copy and photos
  • Launch and let the leads flow in
  • Pay $19-$75/week depending on the subscription you are on
  • Never have to make a change yourself because the kind humans at GLM will do it for you
  • Get a ton of value-added stuff like blog posts, newsletters, unlimited changes, quarterly website audits and report cards, email automation to leads and clients, designed content for your social media or gym, wicked fast customer support 7 days a week, sometimes selfies from the CEO

For years, website companies have been charging huge upfront fees and sky-high monthly fees to small business owners to develop, design, and maintain sites. I think that’s wrong. I also think it’s a smoke and mirrors show. You can probably design something better on Wix; I sure did.

If you are stuck in this position, I’m sorry, I was there too. I bet the sunk costs feel huge, and you don’t feel like you can get rid of that old site, “because I just spent $3000 on it 6 months ago”. The reality is, that site is probably costing you $3000 every month in missed sales because there aren’t any good calls to action on it, or it’s slow, or Google hates it because you have 50 plug-ins and you show up on the bottom of the page of a prospects search.

Delegating building a website is a good idea; just don’t get hosed in the process.

If you are curious about how good or bad your site is you can email and we’ll do a site health audit for you, totally free, even if you aren’t our client.

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