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Kaleda Connell

Kaleda Connell is the CEO of Kilo, a SAAS company that serves websites, automation software and gym management software to gym owners in the CrossFit & MMA space. In 2022 and 2023 Kilo has earned a spot on the Inc 5000 list for being one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Before devoting her time to Kilo, she founded and scaled her own CrossFit business. As a result of building efficient and scalable systems, she could functionally retire before the age of 30 and negotiate a successful 6 figure exit. Kaleda has also restructured and scaled sales and marketing teams for other businesses.

With just over 10 years of experience in the micro gym space, 3 years scaling a SaaS start-up to $3M ARR and extensive research in building and scaling businesses, Kaleda has helped 1000’s of founders build scalable, more efficient companies that make more money and provide more freedom.

Her insights have been heard internationally at events like the Two-Brian Business Summit and Coaches Congress. As the CEO of Kilo, she can help overwhelmed founders simplify, systemize and automate their businesses to create freedom. Kaleda lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her partner. She still enjoys her daily CrossFit fix, Marvel movies and hanging out with her new puppy, Pastel.

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