Auditing Athlete Academy


  • Impressive video content with engaging captions and effective calls to action.
  • Rob is good at directing parents to a Facebook group for education and lead nurturing.
  • Google My Business (GMB) profile is well-maintained with regular posts and positive reviews

Areas for Improvement:

  • Website Consistency: The discrepancy between the business name and website name can create confusion for visitors. Aligning both under one cohesive brand is essential for clarity.
  • Website Accessibility: Difficulty accessing the website and unclear location information can be frustrating.
  • Lead Generation: Despite the website’s appealing design and testimonials, the absence of lead capture limits opportunities for nurturing leads who are interested, but not yet ready for the program.


  • Consolidate all assets under a unified brand identity to avoid confusion.
  • Prioritize lead generation by incorporating lead capture on the website.
  • Display location information more clearly.

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