Gym Owner’s Guide to your Link In Bio

Your link in bio is one of the most important links on your social media. Most gym owners do one of two things:

  1. Put their Gym Website link
  2. Load it up with 10+ links

… both are bad, and I’ll explain why.

You want to make it dead simple for someone to get off your social media and sitting in your gym. They best way to do that is have a simple, clear call to action. With Kilo’s Gym Lead Machine, you can make a elegant link in bio page and update the links all within the software you already use for your gym.

0:28 – Introducing the “Link in Bio”

0:47 – What most gyms do 👎

0:53 – What you should do instead

1:17 – How to use Gym Lead Machine for your “Link in Bio”

If you are Kilo client, you can email to get our templates dropped into your account. And if you aren’t yet a client and are interested in all that Kilo has to offer, check us out here:

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