Gym Owner’s Guide to Gym Photoshoots

One thing that I wish I would have done differently when I owned my gym, was to take my media more seriously. Asking my coaches to take pictures in every class lead to low quality photos and made my gym look bad. Having high quality media attracts high quality clients; high quality clients are willing to pay high quality money.

When hiring a photographer to take photos of your gym, make sure you have a full list of directions and a shot list so that you get media you can actually use. Watch this video and download my gym photoshoot

0:53 – Sample Photoshoot Schedule, and “What we’re shooting” section

1:02 – Notes for the photographer and what to shoot in each class / session

1:16 – Other important shots like transformation stories, team shots, interior and exterior shots

1:21 – Other things to consider when scheduling a gym photoshoot

Get the full a photoshoot shot list to give to give to your photographer, to get the perfect shots here:

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