The Gym Owner’s Guide to Google Reviews

The best way to get your gym to rank first on Google is to get your Google Business Profile up to date and collect and respond to Google Reviews.

With Kilo, you can send out review requests and respond to reviews directly on the Gym Lead Machine platform.

0:17 – An example of a great Gym Google Business Profile

00:50 – Introducing Kilo’s Gym Lead Machine Reputation tab

00:59 – How to send a review request

1:20 – How to review your sent requests

1:26 – Tips for sending reviews and ranking well

1:41 – How to respond to Facebook & Google Reviews

Not yet a Kilo Client? If you are looking for a better website for your gym, a more streamlined way to book leads into sales appointments, and a robust back-end client management system, check out my company, Kilo.

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