Gym Owner’s Guide: Bring a Friend Day

How can you increase the ROI on your Bring a Friend Day events at your gym? You need to have a plan to capture the friend-leads (🤣🤣) and have a solid follow up plan in case they don’t sign up on the spot at the event.

Let me show you how:

00:21 – word of mouth marketing may not be enough to fill the event

00:38 – Bring a Friend Day landing page

01:27 – How to get people to show up to your Bring a Friend Day event

02:05 – How to set up the perfect follow up system post event

02:46 – How use Kilo’s design library to advertise for the event

If you are Kilo client, you can email to get our templates dropped into your account. And if you aren’t yet a client and are interested in all that Kilo has to offer, check us out here:

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