9 Tips for Delegating Well

Building a good team a team is hard.

I’ve built multiple teams in my career, from a brick-and-mortar to a fully remote company.

At Kilo, we started with 5 people in a living room 3 years ago.

Today, we’ve grown to 30+ staff worldwide.

The problem isn’t the people you are hiring, it’s that you suck a delegation.

Here are 9 tips for delegating well:

1️⃣Write the process

Every job should have well-laid-out roles, tasks and responsibilities and each of those should have a corresponding SOP and schedule.

2️⃣Create a weekly report or scorecard

Each staff person should report at least one metric on a weekly basis. This metric should be something they have influence over and are responsible for improving.

3️⃣Delegate the outcome

Delegating a task creates a robot 🤖

Delegating outcomes creates superstars 🌟

4️⃣Set up regular meetings

Make these short and sweet.

Have an agenda and make sure they come prepared.

They should get regular access to the person who trained them and allow for regular feedback on the job.

In the early days, you may need a few a week.

5️⃣Review the work

Set up regular intervals to review their work and give constructive feedback.

6️⃣Choose one improvement

Giving multiple improvements at once is very overwhelming.

Choose one, max two, and let them master that before suggesting more.

7️⃣Trust them to do the work

Letting someone else look after your baby is HARD.

But if you are micromanaging they will never learn.

Let your new birds fly.

Tell them you trust them.

8️⃣Rely on asynchronous communication

Let them do their work and get back to you when they can.

Don’t give them unlimited access to you, they will find most of the answers themselves.

9️⃣Give them ownership

Metrics, outcomes and trust will create a sense of ownership.

Ask for their opinion, and tell them you need their help figuring out a problem.

They will make their processes and the company better if they feel like they own their job.

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